Work Fit for People

Quality jobs

Work Fit for People is the response of the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia (SSSH) to the accelerated decline in the quality of jobs in Croatia, the degradation of workers’ rights and the demographic crisis. This concept is the first step towards a new stage in the fight for the dignity of work and workers – a guide for all of us who are already in this fight and an invitation to all those who wish to join us.

Work Fit for People is a realistic aim and the fundamental right of every person, but it will not be achieved of its own accord. It can be achieved only if we know what it comprises and if we have a clear strategy on how to achieve it. Work Fit for People needs to be fought for, together. The right way is certainly by increasing the number and quality of collective agreements and by advocating and proposing better public policies, laws and strategies. We are already working tirelessly towards achieving that aim. Join us!

Work Fit for People is an overall concept; an integrated definition of six elements that make up a quality job:

Good wages

Protection of health

Learning and career progression

Zaštita i sigurnost

A voice in the workplace

Working hours

What can you do?

Everyone can help us fight together for better wages, healthier and safer workplaces, the better organisation of working hours, worker participation in decision-making and the opportunity to learn and to progress careers in the workplace.

In the public sphere, every single voice against the exploitation of workers and against the increase in the number of fixed-term contracts, part-time jobs and other precarious forms of employment is important. Join us in our fight for Work Fit for People! Here is how you can help:

  • by sharing our posts on social networks using the hashtag #radpomjeri;
  • by publicly advocating better working conditions;
  • by advocating collective bargaining;
  • by opposing the exploitation of workers and the excessive use by employers of precarious forms of work, such as fixed-term work and part-time engagements.

If you are already a member of a trade union, get involved in trade union activities and actions, find out about the trade union and what it is doing and planning in your company and try to motivate your colleagues to join the union.

If you are not employed, join our initiatives and support our requests to improve the position of workers in society.

If you are not employed,join our initiatives and support our requests to improve the position of workers in society.

Find out more about the concept of Work Fit for People and help us achieve it.

Because together we are stronger!

Trg kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 2,
10 000 Zagreb

email: [email protected]
Work fit for people is an SSSH project aimed at informing workers about their rights and about the importance and methods of trade union organising.
The creation of this website was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.
The content of this website is the sole responsibility of the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia.
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